Morning time en Espanol

I have no idea how to type with the tilde marks for Spanish accents and such. I’ve even looked it up once and didn’t quite figure it out. I am thinking that I should start uploading some pictures up in here. I like the simplistic layout but a picture or two wouldn’t hurt.

Lots of small daily events have happened through out the week. School work had picked up last week and so did the work week. Working at the outlet mall is a place to get the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.

It doesn’t seem like San Marcos,TX would be a place to draw much attention. It does though, this town has a rapidly growing university and one of the country’s top money making malls. Every now and then, I find myself wondering; where did all these people come from? The majority of them are coming from Mexico. I find myself thankful for having the ability to pick up on Spanish words I did not once know. For example “chispas” or “chispitas”  is Spanish for sprinkles.

With so many people who come from so many countries, Italy, China, Korea, India etc. I TRY and be as friendly as I can cause I know that I will probably be their impression of what American people are like and well I guess I want them to have a good impression.

Okay, I’m trying to get to where I was going with this. I’ve been reading my bible in Spanish for the last few months. I am in John/Juan right now. I’ve been wanting to perfect and broaden my Spanish for quite sometime now. Until now I had not been consistent. I try and get in a least on chapter a day and am trying my best to meditate and understand what I am reading. Sometimes it comes easier because I am already familiar with the English passage. Other times what I read in Spanish stands out so much more and gives me a richer and deeper meaning and appreciation.

Today (later in the Morning) I read John/ Juan 16:20.

De cierto, de cierto os digo, que vosotros llorareis y lamentaries, y el mundo se alegrara; vosotros estareis tristes, pero vuestra tristeza se converitra en gozo.

20 Truly, truly, I say to you that you will aweep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into bjoy. (RV)

What I got from this verse is that Christ is the great and wonderful converter. He takes our sorrows and He turns them into joy. It makes me so happy that He is our real joy and that He would be so willing and caring to do these things for us. Also, from an earlier reading that adds to this point is that; He takes our death and He gives us life! I am so amazed by this Person, Who desires to make our joy full. He willingly takes all the negative aspects of our life He gives us something so much greater. It’s not only that He gives us joy and life but, the greatest thing is that it is from HIM! No thing or things given to us can be more genuine and real than those things in life given to us by our dear Lord Jesus! Lord, give us more of Yourself and continue converting our “sorrows” into joy and our “deaths” into resurrection life.

Coins found in tip jar with the exception of the really old penny.

Italian eats – what I’ll miss about Italy

I am already looking for reasons to come back to Sorrento so that I can eat at Ristorante O’Murzill again! What they serve is what pasta and seafood dreams are made of! The service is great and the house cheesecake is perfetto!

Sorrento is known for their Limoncello. It’s served in a shot glass but you must NEVER take it like a shot. You have to sip it slowly, it’s the Italian way.

Mangia la fragola!

Other eats


Hands down best pizza in town in my opinion. Trianon was so good. I always came so hungry I didn’t even take the time to take decent photo of the full pizza. This pizza is hot and juicy. I know using “juicy” seems a little out of place in describing a great pizza but man oh man, mmm mmhmm mmm. The crust is thin and the toppings are just right. Depending on which pizza you choose you may or may not get cheese and/or sauce.

Leaving Pompei

The drink in my hand is called granite. It can be compared to a lemon slush. I love granite. It was a refresher on the really hot days. It is sold in many places, easy to find and price varies from €1-€4.

Sant’Anna Welcome Dinner

Can you spot Mount Vesuvius in the background?

Leone Rosso

There has been some pasta shapes that I have never seen before. I’m usually a little adventurous with my food, I like to try things I’ve never had if it’s looks or sounds good.

Rome, along the Tiber River


CAPA Farewell Dinner

Braciere Malatesta

Mercato Centrale



Cinque Terre

A mixed seafood cone with cod, calamari and shrimp

More Florence

Pizza Man

Great pizza. Three look alike cheeses one was very bad…

Beautiful pomodori

The strawberries and melon (not pictured) were phenomenal

 My personal Florence breakfast mostly consisted of toast, butter, jelly and nutella.

CAPA welcome dinner




My close friend Megan was really excited for me to go to Pompei, it’s her dream destination. When I went I was happy to make little videos and take pictures throughout the tour to send to her. 

Our tour guide was really great. I could tell he was really interested and excited to show and tell us some cool things about Pompei. 

It’s really quite amazing to see how advanced the Romans were in this time. Some examples are small marble stones on main streets that served as reflectors. 

I found a plaque that had part of my name on it and that was near. 


Fast food


Naples. I was using the app to get on touch with native Italian speakers and one of the person with I messaged the most was from Naples. He said express that everything in the South is better. 

Don’t get me wrong, Naples was a good time. I liked the Archeological museum. I thought the underground tour was great! The temperature underground was nice compared to the heat we were experiencing outside. The tour guide was good. Walking sidesway through very narrow walkways with candles was pretty fun. Seeing the aquaducts was pretty impressive.


We left from Rome and went south. Our train arrived in Naples and from there a designated bus charted us to Sorrento. From my window view the city of Napoli seemed much bigger than I imagined. Naples is the third largest city in Italy. Families are bigger in the south…well at least that was my first impression. I tried to absorb every observation my eyes and senses could grasp. One car passed by, a papa in the driver seat, a mama in the passenger seat with baby in hand. In the back seat about 3 little kiddos and even further back 2 more kids! I was surprised amd amazed as to how many kiddos I found in that one car.

Our driver sometimes took up both lanes, the road was curvy, and the sea was near by. We began to approach Sorrento. The view of the ocean became drastically more beautiful. Limoncello shops started to appear, as well as nice hotels. This area seems to be much less touristy than previous cities we had visited. I could tell it’s where more wealthy locals vacationed, at least that’s how it seems. I could be wrong, just an observation.

This time our learning hub is with Sant’Anna Institute. The location is great, it over looks the ocean and Marina Grande is right below. I’m able to walk down and go to the beach as well as walk down for a cappuccino.

On one of the first nights here some of the girls and I walked around town, ne5arly all the shops were open. It was nice to look around. There’s a cooler breeze here in Sorrento, it’s not quite so hot as Florence. I love the viberant yellow from all the Limoncello shops with their Limoncello bottles of a variety is shape and size. I also like seeing the cute lemon shaped hand soaps and I’ve seen a number of women wearing lemon print, very summery.

I had pizza 3 times since I’ve been here. The pizza is much better here! I went to Trianon, Napolitan pizza. Again, I surprised myself with how much I ate. The pizza was juicy and delicious, it hung over the edge of the large platter and I nearly ate the whole thing.

Gelato, I went to a place suggested during our initial walking tour. The place had about 80 flavors and I wanted 4 of them. I found my favorite flavor is called Cassata. Cassata has candied fruits like orange peel and cherry. I also got Baci (one of my favorite Italian chocolates), whiskey cream and fig and honey. Yum!

Speaking of figs I really want to go back to the market where I bought nectarines at a fruit stand and get figs! I’m loving the fruit stands by the way, and I know I’ll miss going for a walk and buying right off the street.

I’m enjoying Sorrento. I like to ocean breeze. I like the view of the sea on my walk to PURO cafe for a morning cafe macchiato and using their great Wi-Fi to write my blogs. I love passing the beautiful ceramic shops, the linen shops I can’t afford and the Limoncello shops are fun to look at.


I’m happy I made it to Rome. How could I come to Italy and not make it to Rome? My professor made hotel arrangements for those of us who wanted to stay in Rome while we were in route from Florence to Sorrento. We stayed at a hotel walking distance from the Colosseum. It came as came as a shock to us when we found out we were 6 to a room and not 4. We managed. By this point most of us were over the big group setting and we just needed to rest, pace ourself, or do something on a smaller scale. After resting I went out with a few of the girls for a walk. On the walk we came up to the well-known Trevi fountain. I could hardly believe it. There it was right in front of me. Of course in my imagination of the Trevi fountain I didn’t picture the mass crowd that there was. Either way it was beautiful to look at.

I have a church friend who is native to Rome. I had been keeping into touch with him and had let him know I’d be passing through. It’s nice to know people in different cities and it’s even better when you get to see them. We met at the Spanish steps my first morning there and he gave me a tour of his city. Afterward I was amazed at how much I saw in the amount of time I saw it and most of the sights were in walking distance.

After departing with my friend I ventured over to the Vatican City alone. It was a hot day but I just kept on walking. I walked part of the city and considered where I was and what affect this city and had on people. I took a few pictures and started to make my way back to the train but stopped to buy a lemon granite so as not to over heat from the hot sun. I walked a block or two more and sat on a bench to cool off. When I was ready, I walked down to catch my train to Termini. I was a little proud of myself for taking the train by myself. Usually I’m a little unknowing and a little afraid to do that on my own but I wasn’t this time. This time it seemed easy. I got off at Termini and knew the walk back from the station to the hotel.

I was wiped out. I went straight to my bed and didn’t want to walk another step for the time being. I rested and recovered and then there was the need for dinner. My Sorrento roomie invited me to join for dinner after first going to Circus Maximus via cab. Dinner and cab were words that made me happy in this instance. We looked at Circus Maximus, admired the view and considered the events that took place at this location in ancient history.

The four of us started to search for a dinner place. We walked toward some bridges and under these bridges was the Tiber River. I love rivers and right around the time we walked on the bridge it was sunset. I was in love with the view! We looked below and noticed white tents and dining areas. We walked, looked at different menus and made a decision to eat at a place that turned out to be quite nice (well after out initial wait, that is). I got a simple but delicious penne pasta! A disclaimer, I have not tired of pasta and pizza here in Italy. I don’t mind it at all. Oh yeah, I also ordered a large portion of Greek salad. I surprised myself with how much I ate but I attribute my appetite to all the walking earlier that day. I enjoyed my time in Rome.

I even woke very early the next morning to catch a view of the Colussem in the morning light. Everyday I practice to spend some time with the Lord. Without this time I feel unfulfilled. Sometimes I just need to step away from the crowd. Most people need alone time and I need that too, but I also need my Jesus time. I walked out of the hotel and it was light out but there was hardly a person on the street. I walked to the Colussem and I was happy to sort of have it all to myself. I was there the day before at midday and the crowds were every which way. There were maybe a few souls scattered about, some taking pictures, one cleaning the streets, a runner, another early morning tourist, and security in the distance. I took my pictures, read a chapter from my bible reading, told the Lord I loved Him and how much I appreciated being here.

And I know this is of no importance to anyone except me, myself and I, but a very sweet song came to heart and mind.

It reads:

Lord, I give myself to You right now.
I want to be occupied with You.
I leave all else behind
And concentrate my being on You alone.
Lord, You are my focus,
You are my goal,
Lord, I give myself to You right now.
Lord, You are my focus,
You are my goal,
Lord, I give myself to You right now.

That was my Rome experience.

Whoa Davide

I never expected to go and see Il Davide. I knew that he was an incredible piece of art, a masterpiece. I walked in and saw him at a distance. I wanted to wait and appreciate the pieces that came before him; the pieces that showed the process through their incompletion. I looked and wondered and made my way toward David. I had imagined him to so much smaller but he wasn’t. Il Davide was impressive!