Italian eats – what I’ll miss about Italy

I am already looking for reasons to come back to Sorrento so that I can eat at Ristorante O’Murzill again! What they serve is what pasta and seafood dreams are made of! The service is great and the house cheesecake is perfetto!

Sorrento is known for their Limoncello. It’s served in a shot glass but you must NEVER take it like a shot. You have to sip it slowly, it’s the Italian way.

Mangia la fragola!

Other eats


Hands down best pizza in town in my opinion. Trianon was so good. I always came so hungry I didn’t even take the time to take decent photo of the full pizza. This pizza is hot and juicy. I know using “juicy” seems a little out of place in describing a great pizza but man oh man, mmm mmhmm mmm. The crust is thin and the toppings are just right. Depending on which pizza you choose you may or may not get cheese and/or sauce.

Leaving Pompei

The drink in my hand is called granite. It can be compared to a lemon slush. I love granite. It was a refresher on the really hot days. It is sold in many places, easy to find and price varies from €1-€4.

Sant’Anna Welcome Dinner

Can you spot Mount Vesuvius in the background?

Leone Rosso

There has been some pasta shapes that I have never seen before. I’m usually a little adventurous with my food, I like to try things I’ve never had if it’s looks or sounds good.

Rome, along the Tiber River


CAPA Farewell Dinner

Braciere Malatesta

Mercato Centrale



Cinque Terre

A mixed seafood cone with cod, calamari and shrimp

More Florence

Pizza Man

Great pizza. Three look alike cheeses one was very bad…

Beautiful pomodori

The strawberries and melon (not pictured) were phenomenal

 My personal Florence breakfast mostly consisted of toast, butter, jelly and nutella.
CAPA welcome dinner




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