Who I am

I laugh. I smile. I love.

There is a hope set before me, it is the anchor of my soul, both secure and firm.

I’m not sure I could say exactly but, here are some words that make me the kind person I am:

  • 18. I am thankful for all the cool, wonderful and awesome people I have in my life.
  • 19. I don’t just like to hug, I will squeeze you. Unless, I know that you don’t like to be squeezed or if I feel I might hurt you or don’t feel that comfortable just yet to show you that much affection.
  • 20. I read the bible. It saves me you know?
  • 21. Verses that have made my Christian experience definite are 1 John 4:7-8 & 16, 2 Tim 2:22, & 2 Cor 4:16 (in that order).
  • 22. I am so, so, so very glad that each day is a brand new one!!! -2009
  • Who I am: I consider myself a simple person. I grew up in a small town but also partly in a near by city. There are 3 (4) things I really wanted out of life. One was to finish college. I graduated from Texas State University in 2013. Second, was to go to a post grad program called The Full-Time Training in Anaheim; I completed that in December 2015. Going to Italy was the third thing. I went this past summer 2017 and I absolutely loved my experience!
  • Several years ago, my mother who probably knows me best said this about me; “you are serious, but happy and full of smiles”. People often tell me I smile a lot. They also ask, “why are you crying or what are you laughing about?” For the smiling, I would say it has to do something with the Lord Jesus being my joy. Also, from being surrounded with family and companions who are also made joyful by the Lord. Always Rejoice! For the “crying”, I say my eyes are sensitive and water up often, but yes, I suppose sometimes it is some emotion that I am holding back, or its due to some sentimental thought that I’m reflecting on.
  • I’ve realized once and am continually realizing that, I am not my own. 1 Cor. 6:19-20 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price. So then glorify God in your body.
  • I am currently a full-time campus ministry staff member. When I was young, I had some serious conversations with the Lord concerning the direction of my life. In a moment of repentance to God I offered up a very sincere consecration. I saw in my heart the position He took for me on the cross, in that moment I saw the true value of the precious blood of Christ; in that moment I was willing to offer my everything to Christ, even to serve Him. My heart was filled with gratitude toward Christ Jesus and toward the believers who had taken the time to minister and impart Christ to me throughout the years. Most of the steps I have taken in life have been with this in view. I can’t say I’ve done much for God, but one thing that keeps encouraging me is to just take God in, in all circumstances and situations whether good or bad. All I know is I need more God. When I have God, I can express God to others.
  • Don’t expect me to have a whole lot to say… It’s true, I am a woman of very few words. I find that the people who can get me to talk are very impressive. I do like to talk with my closest friends but even then I keep my words to a minimum. I’m more of a listener and I’m very much a one on one person. I want people to feel trusted, cared about and heard when they talk to me and I suppose I want to feel all of those things when I’m talking to someone.
  • I’m in love & probably always will be. At the age of 15 I fell out of a false love and into the most true and genuine love I will ever know. 1 John 4:7-19 played a great part in wrecking my heart for the Lord. My Love is the Lord Jesus.He rescued me through His living and operative word which shined in my heart and gave me understanding that I have need of Him and He of me. Also, through many believers who cared for me in Christ, for them I am most thankful. As He filled my heart with His love for me, I couldn’t help but love Him back. I am in a relationship with Christ; how crazy and incredible is that?! Just like any relationship, it has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes, I take out my frustrations on Him and I tell Him all the ugly things I don’t want to tell anyone else, but at the end of the day I find that my heart is truly invested and I still love Him! I love Him like crazy, I just don’t always show it.
  • Words of wisdom: “I believe that all that I encounter in life is nothing of coincidence.” These words were given to me by a dear brother. I believe him. I believe there is purpose in everything, even though I don’t always understand.
  • Interests: I used to love to write; I once did so nearly daily in a personal journal (I don’t anymore). As of January 2016 most of what I write is my personal budget, a few notes of what is going on in present life, to-do’s, sort term goals, reminders of long- term goals and prayers.
  • I have recently decided to read through the New Testament in Italian for the second time. And of course other miscellaneous readings.
  • I am interested in people; I spend time with people and I enjoy it. I love my family.
  • Swimming, walking, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and biking are my physical activities of preference. I don’t have wanderlust but I’m cool with going places and seeing new things. I would really love to see more waterfalls in my life time.
  • I moved to Knoxville, TN in March 2018. I adopted a puppy back in August, Archer Eclipse and he’s currently under the care of my parents. One of my dream hobbies it to make my own furniture; if that ever happens I will def blog about it.

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