Morning time en Espanol

I have no idea how to type with the tilde marks for Spanish accents and such. I’ve even looked it up once and didn’t quite figure it out. I am thinking that I should start uploading some pictures up in here. I like the simplistic layout but a picture or two wouldn’t hurt.

Lots of small daily events have happened through out the week. School work had picked up last week and so did the work week. Working at the outlet mall is a place to get the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.

It doesn’t seem like San Marcos,TX would be a place to draw much attention. It does though, this town has a rapidly growing university and one of the country’s top money making malls. Every now and then, I find myself wondering; where did all these people come from? The majority of them are coming from Mexico. I find myself thankful for having the ability to pick up on Spanish words I did not once know. For example “chispas” or “chispitas”  is Spanish for sprinkles.

With so many people who come from so many countries, Italy, China, Korea, India etc. I TRY and be as friendly as I can cause I know that I will probably be their impression of what American people are like and well I guess I want them to have a good impression.

Okay, I’m trying to get to where I was going with this. I’ve been reading my bible in Spanish for the last few months. I am in John/Juan right now. I’ve been wanting to perfect and broaden my Spanish for quite sometime now. Until now I had not been consistent. I try and get in a least on chapter a day and am trying my best to meditate and understand what I am reading. Sometimes it comes easier because I am already familiar with the English passage. Other times what I read in Spanish stands out so much more and gives me a richer and deeper meaning and appreciation.

Today (later in the Morning) I read John/ Juan 16:20.

De cierto, de cierto os digo, que vosotros llorareis y lamentaries, y el mundo se alegrara; vosotros estareis tristes, pero vuestra tristeza se converitra en gozo.

20 Truly, truly, I say to you that you will aweep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into bjoy. (RV)

What I got from this verse is that Christ is the great and wonderful converter. He takes our sorrows and He turns them into joy. It makes me so happy that He is our real joy and that He would be so willing and caring to do these things for us. Also, from an earlier reading that adds to this point is that; He takes our death and He gives us life! I am so amazed by this Person, Who desires to make our joy full. He willingly takes all the negative aspects of our life He gives us something so much greater. It’s not only that He gives us joy and life but, the greatest thing is that it is from HIM! No thing or things given to us can be more genuine and real than those things in life given to us by our dear Lord Jesus! Lord, give us more of Yourself and continue converting our “sorrows” into joy and our “deaths” into resurrection life.

Coins found in tip jar with the exception of the really old penny.


  1. Hi Priscilla,
    For typing a tilde or accent mark, you can change your keyboard to Español. Or, you can google how to type a tilde or accent mark either on Mac or PC. On Mac, hold option key and type n, then release option key and type n again. Take pictures!!!

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